Background promotion

Background promotion plays an important role in admittance to prestige universities in North America. It is one of the biggest issues to many overseas US high school students; they are away from their parents who do not understand the system, the students themselves cannot make their own arrangements either, and the universities must follow the principle of non-discrimination, unable to offer any special treatments to international students.

Beyond Education deeply understands the ultimate wishes of many parents for their children to enter high quality prestige universities. We strongly believe this is our objective of successfully studying abroad. Our organization works closely with the young overseas students, parents, college application agencies to design the right road that meet everyone’s needs. We consistently and actively connect with enterprises in North America or even overseas as an attempt to provide systematic and targeted promotional background services based on the students’ differentiated characteristics.

We have successfully helped students develop a detailed and thorough learning plan to enhance English writing abilities and analytical skills to make appropriate decisions.

Helped students contact local Alumni Association of prestige schools, help students get early influence and exposure and establish initial contacts with students of prestige schools.

Helped students build cartoon drawing club, mahjong club, restored Toastmasters Club at school.

We continue to help students contact golf coach, music teachers and the nation’s largest speech ability training institute which focuses on non-English native speakers in order to improve student’s public speaking ability. Last but not least, arranged prestige school campus visits.

We strive to help the students contact targeted volunteer work that meets the student’s unique personality as well. Moreover, after school sports coaches, art teachers and the nation’s largest speech ability training institute which focuses on non-English native speakers, in order to improve student’s public speaking speech ability.

We use connection with many non-profit organizations to actively expand our service and introduce students to continuously participate in activities which interested them in local community in America as well as overseas.